DirecTV vs Cable



I have the choice of DirecTV or Comcast here in southern California. Doing a little bit of research on which route I should go for TV service.

In terms of overall channels, DVR system, and high definition availability, which provider offers the most for the money? One thing I don't like is to make a commitment for 2 years, so is there any way to get around that with DirecTV? I think you can subscribe to cable with just a month to month plan right?


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DVR system is better on DirecTV (for now). Genie works pretty well.
HD availability - DirecTV has a decent selection, better than most cable providers. But they are catching up.
2 year commitment - With DirecTV you can buy your equipment and pay full price. Not worth it IMO.
Overall channels? Varies by area. In most areas DirecTV is better though.