DirecTV vs Dish: Which is better?



I'll be done with my 2 year cable deal in less than 2 months and want to switch to satellite TV. Question is, which is the best right now? DirecTV or Dish Network? I know that Dish Network just came out with the Hopper and the Joey whole home DVR system which is nice but I also want to get the most programming too.
Depends on what you're looking for.

For the best whole home DVR, I think the DirecTV HR34 beats the Hopper, 5 tuners vs 3 tuners (and 3 broadcast only tuners).

To get the best deal, you really need to be a new customer with DirecTV. At least in my experience. My contract with Direct is going to be up soon so we'll see how easy it is to negotiate this time, but 2 years ago I had a much tougher time getting the latest DVR.
As a long time Direct TV user, I would recommend going with Direct TV. I've never had Dish, but I did go with Cox Cable for a short period of time. Picture wise, there was no comparison. Direct TV blew them away. And as Thomas G stated above, you should ask for the HMC HD DVR that DTV has available. It is available to new customers only.

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