Disabling Ctrl-A shortcut

How do i do it? i cannot count on both hands the many times i lost a well-typed post or reply to a post because of my fast touch-typing i somehow inadvertently hit 'CTRL-A' and as i type POOF! gone. i hate that!!
whatever i'm doing i somehow highlight and erase every typed word. if i type a little before i realize it immediately i would say the CTRL-Z would only go back a little, not bring back my entire post.

Back button doesn't work on IE8 when the internet does its usual 5 min dropout. just says 'Page cannot be displayed' the kiosk here is not set up to keep history.
Still would be much easier to disable Ctrl-A entirely, eliminating that extra step.

I don't recall any reason i'd use Ctrl-A. should be some sort of registry hack i don't know about?

Also is there any way to disable the 'Backspace' back button action in the web browser? i sometimes type in the same post and if i hit backspace too many times the darned thing goes back a page and really infuriates me. i use a mouse not keyboard to navigate.
but whenever you are typing fast you never think you're inadvertently hitting CTRL-A and you don't know until POOF!. i type so fast i don't realize it until it's too late. i'd much rather disable it and the backspace key back button action as it has no use in my opinion.

Same with the backspace key. in my mind that's to erase a mistyped letter, NOT go back a page. i'm sure anyone with more Windows XP knowledge than i could go into the registry and either add a DWORD value or change one. i just don't know where to look and Google doesn't help. i'm trying hard NOT to download a third-party keyboard remapper. all the google results point to javascript codes for website builders and it's far beyond my scope of computer knowledge to use.


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You might try searching on how to modify the Regional and Language options. Someone may have a program, or you may have to hack in those changes. But it is possible.

I found a program that allows me to have both a US English and German keyboard.

Danke Schön. Or I can make the pound £ or Euro € without using Alt then numbers. Certain keys are mapped with the right alt button to do that.

My TV is an Ölevia.

There are options in there to change current keyboard, but I have never played with them. My German + US keyboard was a program I installed then turned on in Regional and Language options. I know little about it, but it's a place to start searching on a fix.
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