Dish Network 1080P Service Review - Compared to Blu-Ray


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Preliminary reviews are starting to come in on Dish Network's 1080P VOD satellite service, and it sounds like it's worth the extra money. Sound & Vision magazine compared the video quality of Dish Network's 1080p video-on-demand service against a Blu-ray movie, and found little difference between the quality of the two.

Very interesting. The comparison was done by examining the differences of the movie, "Speed Racer" on VOD service and Blu-Ray DVD. Looks like Dish Network has a winner on it's hands, especially since the vides are so much cheaper to watch than purchasing a Blu-Ray DVD.


I doubt its cheaper than paying a buck extra to get Netflix to send you the bluray versions of any movie they have in stock as a bluray film. Plus the price of these dvd's will be coming down very soon.

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