Dish Network TR-40 Review


Hope I posted this review in the right section.

My favorite feature on this converter is the way it stores and displays channel information. It comes with an option for searching for the TV show or movie you want to watch. The channel display has the ability to show 4 channels at a time and can show up to a day in advance programming. Very cool.

I've purchased 3 of these for my home, so I really don't have anything to compare to when determing how good the quality of picture is on this unit. I do have 2 HDTVs in my house that offer a superior picture because they're in 1080i HDTV format, but the TR-40 does produce great quality video results with no artifacts.

I'd recommend this converter over any other box strictly based on the channel menu system compared to some of the other converter boxes I've read about. Some only allow you to view a single channels programming info, which is rediculous considering that the TR-40 retails for $40, which is basically the same amount as a converter box coupon, so it makes this converter almost free.
this was the first one they released then came the upgraded versions dtvpal-plus and the dtvpal DVR:)
the DTVPAL-PLus has now a seven day program guide added to it the DVR has duel tuners and a timer feature
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