Dish Vs DirecTV - Hopper or Genie?


Which offers the best DVR in 2013 between Dish and DirecTV? I've seen a few comparisons on specs, but I want to hear from people who actually use either DVR on a daily basis.

One thing that I didn't like about DirecTVs older DVRs were that they were so slow when loading a menu or changing channels. Is that fixed with the DirecTV Genie?


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The HR34 genie is fast but the HR44 which is out soon is even faster. However on the clients (genie mini or RVU samsung TV) it is pretty slow. But it is still very much usable.

I went with DirecTV because they have the sprout kids channel and also for my tracvision mobile dish. My mom has Dish but no Genie.

To me they are 6 of one half dozen of the other.

I'm not going to list features but I'll highlight a few of what I think are killer features.

With Hopper you will be getting:
Auto commercial skip (autohop)
Slingbox integration
Primetime anytime (record all primetime shows from the big 4 in one shot)

With Genie you get:
5 tuners (Hopper has 3)
no box required for samsung smart TVs
Nomad to download shows to mobile devices without using cellular data to stream
Better (in my opinion) search and recommendation features.

But if the hopper had 5 tuners and would support my tracvision AND they had the sprout channel I'd go with them instead...


gennie vs hopper

I had the hopper and the genie. the genie can't be compered to the hopper. the hopper is faster, you have 6 tuners and 9 tuners(with prime time). the software in the genie has a lot issues. for me the genie is a piece of shit. the hopper is much better.

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