Dishnetwork asks FCC to stop Comcast-Time Warner deal


The combined company would have at least three “choke points” where it can harm competing video services, including the direct connection to consumers and managed or specialized channels"

Dish is not liking the sounds of this Com-Warn Luv affair.

The acquisition would give Comcast a presence in 16 of the 20 largest U.S. cities. After the merger, Philadelphia-based Comcast would connect 33 percent of U.S. subscribers to broadband, or high-speed Internet service over a wire, according to figures compiled by SNL Kagan, a research firm.

I see more and more what I call legal monopolies in certain business areas. It never seems to be good. Maybe I am wrong.Full story at Bloomberg.


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Comcast has way more money than Dish. So, who do you think our wholly-owned-by-cable FCC commissioners will side with?
Wait! Are you saying money greases the wheel? NO! You mean...
When I predicted the Aereo Supreme Court decision (on YouTube -- I'm Rickideemus there also) because of the money involved, a fellow actually argued that could never happen because the Supremes get appointed for life. "There's no incentive!" Hahahahahaha...