Dishonest AT&T Sales Rep. - DirecTV

We moved to Florida and I called AT&T to order just internet service. The Sales Rep. talked me into ordering a package that included a Direct TV promotion for $76.99/month for 2 years. I ordered it because I felt it would be nice to have the TV portion and the price was good. Well the promotion turned out to be for only 1 year (would go up $22/month after that time), my first bill included $130 undisclosed installation charges that were refunded after a CHAT with a representative who agreed they should not have been charged at all.

My next 2 CHATS were not so successful because after installation I called in 3 days and asked to have the Direct TV removed because the bill they sent via email showed it was a 1-year promotion and would go up $22 after the first year (I was told by the Sales Rep I had 30 days to cancel but later was informed that was only for the internet portion of the bill) . The CHAT rep referred me to a 3-page email (small print and hard to read and lots of legal language) they sent out to me after installation that said I had 24 hours to cancel the Direct TV portion. I did not even have time to turn it on in 24 hours much less read all the legal jargon in that email -- we were moving! To cancel they said it would cost me over $400 plus ($20/month for the 2-year contract plus a $15 cancellation fee). AT&T keeps referring me to the legal print in the email they sent me.

Between phone calls to AT&T and CHATS I have at least 8 hours either on the phone or in CHATS trying to get some satisfaction from AT&T. I was cut off twice during phone conversations and left hanging on CHATS for long periods of time and I know it was to discourage me.

What makes me furious is that the when I placed my original order the Sales Rep did not mention any of these extra charges or the 24-hour cancellation for Direct TV. If she had I would have just ordered the internet service that I wanted in the first place.

Does anyone know how to cancel the Direct TV? I have had AT&T CHATS with the people in the Phillipines twice now (2 hours one time and 3 hours the next time they just keep putting me on hold or sending me to their Supervisor #1, #2 and #3).

Is there any solution or recourse to these dishonest AT&T phone sales techniques?

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