Dishonest Sales or Installation screw-up? - DirecTV

I recently switched from Time Warner to Uverse. My package included 3 promo mo. of HBO/Cinemax. I asked the sales rep if we could make that HBO/Showtime. She checked, came back, and said YES. Deal. On installation Showtime wasn't active. I cannot tell you how much time I've wasted trying to correct this. I've spoken and chatted with CS reps who always apologize profusely, go off to check with their supervisor, come back and say the problem will be solved. I think I've gone through 5 conversations. It's always the same. Nothing every gets done.

I'm wondering: did the sales rep lie to me? Is it a bait & switch? And in the aftermath, is AT&T yessing me to death. If somewhere along the line someone had said "no, that was a mistake, we can't do that," I would have lived with it. Instead I get a swamp of "I'm so sorry, we're working on that," but apparently they are not. Are they just assuming that if they throw up enough smoke, they'll wear me out?

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