Disproportionate Channel Line Up - DirecTV

I would like to know why the channel line up is not equally diverse? There a way more "Christian", "Religious" channels than "Black" channels. There are more "other" channels, such as international, jewish, etc. than "Black" channels. Why? The channel lineup in the USA does not accurately reflect the population of viewers. If Latin americans can purchase Latin channels, why are blacks not afforded the same opportunity. One black channel in the Select Channel Line Up compared to 10 Christian channels, and 6 other nationality channels hardly seems fair. Make it right, black americans are a large percent of the population, and a large percent of your customers. Make it right, it's not fair. You are a large provider, and larger since assumption of AT&T so step up & be fair to your loyal subscribers.

This question, "Disproportionate Channel Line Up," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.