Dissappointed with DirectTV and ATT!! - DirecTV

Let me start by stating that I have been a Direct TV customer for one week and I am already regretting it. I was a Dish Network customer for 10 years. I started with Dish as a bundle back when ATT & Dish were together. I never had any issues with Dish Network. ATT has been asking me to switch for a while. I never gave in because I liked Dish and had heard bad stories about Direct TV. I finally caved in last week and switched. What a mistake! The only reason I switched is because ATT offered me $200 in rewards cards, 24 months of discounted bills and only $7 a month equipment fees for my 3rd tv. The discounted bill alone would save me about quite a bit each month. One week into this I am told that I only get 12 months discounted bill, I am being charged $21 a month in equipment fees and I may not get my $200 rewards cards. I feel like I was conned into switching by ATT. I called Direct TV and they had no clue what they were doing. Customer service was terrible. After being on the phone for one hour they transferred me to ATT and they said I had to speak with Direct TV. I really hope this all works out and I get what I was promised. If not, then it's a lesson learned for me but I will make sure I warn as many people as possible to stay away from ATT and Direct TV.

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