Dissatified with service - DirecTV

Well At and T after 22 years of customer loyalty. After the way i was spoken to by a supervisor i believe Randy was his name and my constant phonecalls to fix my mobile hotspot. Ive made an appt to visit verizon and pull all my services from you. I was given incorrect info when i purchased my hotspot and basically went over in data and you have shut it off. I know all the excuses ive spoken to techs and customer service reps. To no avail. Its clear to me now after 22 years of loyalty it means nothing. So now ill shop around and get rid of both lines as well as the hot spot that was supposed to give me wifi connection in my rv. Thank u for throttling down from 30 gbs to 2 gbs and then zero. You ruined my family Christmas with your unexplained and hidden policy changes. As a business woman if i had a customer for 22 years I would flip over backwards to keep their business apparently you not only dont care. Your loyalty supervisor felt it was im portant to remind me of my 2 year contract on my unite. And how i was going to be charged. Instead of resolving the situation i became irate i admit it and your LOYALTY supervisor dismissed me. Well thanks and your welcome for the thousands of dollars i havespent over all these years. Apparently it was forgotten that people like me make it possible for you all to get a paycheck.

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