Distribution Plan


Hello gents. Please take a look at the attached drawing of my intended distribution plan for my new OTA antenna system. Any and all comments and questions are more than welcome!

Here is a summary of the attached diagram.

My HD7698P will be mounted to a mast on my chimney. The mast will be grounded using 50' of 8AWG THHN wire to an eight foot copper rod in the earth at no more than a 45 degree angle. All coax used is RG6 Quad Shield. From the downlead of the antenna will be 2' of coax into the TII212 Lightning Arrestor. The ground side of the TII212 will connect to 50' of 8AWG THHN which will connect to the previously mentioned copper rod in earth using an additional ground clamp. After the lightning arrestor there is 8' of coax into the RCA TVPRAMP1R Preamplifier. Then 2' coax to the RCA power injector. Then the signal travels thru 75' of coax to a six-way Antronics splitter at the "head end" in my basement for distribution to six rooms in the house.

The six lengths out of the Antronics splitter are between 25' and 50' each.

Please accept my apologies for the bad drawing. I'm no schematic artist haha.

Thank you fellows!



Put the Pre-amp as close to the antenna as is physically possible, you don't want to amplify spurious signals or noise. Your pre-amp is designed to be attached to the mast.

Be sure the ground rod is tied to any other grounds in the house so you do not create a ground loop (electrical potential between two grounds).