DitecTV recivers digital to analogue


I have DitecTV with model D-11 and D-12 recivers. I receive my local channels from off air antenna as directv does not offer them in my area. My TVs are all analogue.
What I would like to do it to upgrade my DirecTv receivers to one that has an off air antenna input and output to TV that will convert the off air digital TV signal to an analogue signal, but DirecTV can’t seem to understand my question.. They can’t seem to confirm the unit they want to sell me will convert the digital off air signal to an analogue signal.. Anyone know if DirecTV has such a receiver and if so what the model # is??? I would like to do this so as not to have to add the converter box.
the am21 and also the hd dvr are the only 2 ota tuners directv has the hd dvr is by far better then the am21 but it is 99 compared to 50 to upgrade to them but one unit otherwise you will have to get the dvr plus and the am21 add on ota tuner i have one of each