DIY Cable TV in Bathroom of Bedroom Project

I need another jack in the bathroom of our bedroom. What I was planning on doing is using a splitter off of the jack from the bedroom and running the wire in the wall up the ceiling, and then back down to where the bath tub is where my wife would like a small TV.

My questions so far:

1. Can I distribute the cable signal by using a splitter off of one jack?

2. Is this normally how one would distribute cable to another room?


Essentially, that would work. It would be better (only marginally) to find out where the splitter that the run to that jack in your bedroom comes from, and replace that splitter with a (very high quality) splitter with one additional port, and then run another coax from there to your new jack. However, as I indicated, the advantage there is probably going to be marginal.

Do note though that eventually you may still need a digital cable box on every outlet. So the utility of running this new extension may be limited at some point in the future, if it isn't already.

Also, note that each split (even the additional split implied by my suggestion, replacing a one-to-X splitter with a one-to-X+1 splitter) degrades the signal. Split the signal enough, and you'll start having problems. With analog, you're introducing snow; with digital, you're decreasing reliability of signal lock. Two things you can do to try to minimize this: First, be sure that your splitter is a very high quality splitter. If you get a good deal on it, you're probably getting a good deal on crap. The best splitters are those available from your cable company; they're not generally available to the public, and when they are available for retail sale, they're expensive. Second, be sure that your coax is RG6, not RG59.
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On either approach (a 2-Way on your existing Cable) or (putting a larger splitter in the Attic) as suggested by bicker, is as he said, going to reduce the Signal Strength to your TV in the Bedroom.

Another option "IF" you find that the Signal Strength is below acceptability, is to run a new cable from the Attic to your Bathroom, and then use a Distribution Amplifier in place of the Splitter in your Attic, selecting one which has enough ports/outlets for your whole system.

They make these Distribution Amps in 1, 2, 4 and 8 Way, and in several power levels. Here's an example of a...
Channel Master CM 3414
which is a 4 outlet amp, with 8 dB Gain on VHF and UHF, to compensate for Signal losses.

Have a good Day ! :)
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