I have found that in comparing both of these types there is no clear winner in it. DLP is much cheaper than LCD but losses in picture quality and on other fronts and the same thing happens with LCD. Does any one see a clear advantage of one over another.


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LCD is smaller than DLP, less weight to haul around if you move every so often.

Check out CNet's top 5 HDTV picks and make sure to watch for the refresh rate specs.
It actually depends on the applications for which you intend to use your new DLP or LCD.
Part of the reason reason has to do with basic mechanics: LCD and DLP technologies differ greatly in how the image is generated.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With the technical advances in the LCD field over the past two years and quality being equal. The LCD manufacturing cost is much less than its more expensive counterpart. Cost is high on the consumers list when making a decision to purchase. I would place my bet on LCD.


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While many will incorrectly tell you it doesn't happen, LCD is still susceptible to image burn in, or what they now call image retention. If you are watching all HD material, the risk is minimal. If on the other hand, you watch a lot of 4:3 TV without stretching or zooming to fill your screen, or watch primarily letterboxed movies, then the area displaying the black bars will be burned into the set.

DLP is the only widely available technology that doesn't result in damage if a black or other non moving image is continuously displayed.

However, if you are mostly watching HD material, or stretching the image to fill the screen, then it doesn't matter too much.
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