Do I have to channel scan every time I turn my TV on?

some times i have to re-scan two or three times to get the same channels back
what give here
sometime i will lose one channel then have to re-scan two times to get it BACK
What I finally did was to wait till a really clear night and do a scan at 2 AM. Got more channels than you could shake a stick at, including one station 127 miles away. Then I just left it there. I'll have to go through the whole blankety-blank mess again when I get my new antenna.

this DTV Is a rip off
I would almost agree, except we get more channels after you count the subchannels. Also, some people get off on the HD nonsense, though I can take it or leave it. Everything new requires some period of adjustment.



Scan problems

I have an RCA I have an RCA DTA800B1 converter box and up until yesterday it worked fine. Now it won't do anything when I do a scan. The box still comes on, I can access the menu but nothing when I scan it only gives me this message "no data" I could really use the help please somebody help.


I have to service scan for channels every time the telly switch on too.....I think it's because the antenna is in a tangle with our next door neighbour's who had the cheek to install his antennas on our side of the roof!

merry VM

Model no.SC261FS
Serial no.R267MB152S026133
I haven't heard of any sets requiring a new scan every time it is turned on. Please tell us the make and model number of your set and perhaps someone on the Forum can specifically address this problem.



paul allan

I have a Samsung dvd recorder and it Auto tunes ok, and gives 140 freeveiw channels but only once did channels come on straight away. Sometimes its hours be4 i can click channel list and get my Channel lists, is this normal or is it my ariel.

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