Do I have to have a phone line or internet connected to DirecTV box?



I want to know if DirecTV still requires you to connect their set top boxes to a phone line or internet?

I live in a rural area where we have to use a Verizon 3G card to connect to the internet. Our service isn't that great and it drops frequently, plus I have no idea how we'd connect a DirecTV receiver to it if we had to have the internet connected to the set top box.

We don't have a phone line either, we just use cell phones.


Many places have Wireless Broadband internet providers. There is a small antenna about a foot or less square or round , looks like a small plastic box on a short mast on top of the house. And some Wireless Broadband antennas look like a small Tv antenna on top of the house. These Wireless Broadband providers can provide reliable internet service at a lower price. If you will provide your location , but not exact address unless you choose to provide exact address , my self and some other helpers here at dtvusa will research if there any providers that service your location. And you can look on line also , type in wireless broadband internet or wireless internet or wireless broadband and etc. .


No you don't , but you will pay over twice as much for the movie. You can call them and pay double prices. I know because I tried it lol. I said noway .



I have broadband Internet for my house but my direct tv set box is connected to a phone line. I wonder why? I'd like to connect it via Internet. How do I do this?