Do I need a antenna for DTV?


I'm about to buy a converter box, but will I need an antenna too? What kind of antenna and how much can I expect to have to pay? Is there any program for the cost of that? What about all this cost to disabled persons? It is hard enough to pay the electric bills to have a tv.


I am in kind of the same boat as you are right now.

First thing would be to give these guys your zip code. Then they can go to TV Fool - Home and type in that zip and see what channels are available and at what range from you they are. If they are close enough, a cheap (less than $10) antenna might be all that you need. If they are far enough away, it might take a more expensive antenna.
Type of antenna you'll need will depend on many factors such as distance from the transmitters you want to pick up, terrain, buildings, weather conditions, ERP (effective radiative power) the transmitters is sending out, wether the channel is in the UHF band or VHF band, etc.

If you are in line of sight with the transmitter, a simple uhf/vhf pair of rabbit ears with a loop might be adequate.

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