do I need a converter? 1 yr old tv


I'm so confused.......
I bought a 15" LCD Insignia last February or March (2008) at Best Buy. I asked the clerk if I was all set for the digital conversion. He assured me I was. I should think a TV that new would be digital ready.
HOWEVER our local TV station has conducted 2 tests. I've flunked both.
I live in the country and use rabbit ears with UHF and VHF antennae.
During last night's test, I did a channel scan to see if my tv would pick up any digital stations. The menu showed "digital signal" but no channels were picked up.
I have a DVD and VCR hooked up to my tv with some kind of splitter box (not an A/B switch).
Yes, I have lost my manual but it was super-poor anyway. Codes I found are NTSC, Pal M, Pal N.