Do I need a different box?



I have a problem that popped up while I was away for a few days. I have 3 STBs a Xi6 Wireless (AX061AXI) and two XiD-P or XIDX1s (PXD01ANI).

This setup was working fine. Ther was an ordering hiccup which caused Comcast to cancel my tv service and add voice only instead of adding voice to my current services.... but that was resolved with one call to customer service and I got an even better plan for nearly the same price. Again all TVs were displaying fine.

So I leave for 4 days to come back to the dreaded XRE-10007 error. The Xi6 just needed to be reset and live TV came back fine. The other two XiD-P boxes have never worked (it's been 2 days now). No matter how many reboots, power cycles, system refreshes etc... still nothing.

i talk with support who tells me I need an "XG1 standard" for my system to work. I'm assuming she means XG1V4 which is a DVR box. I get that this box has tuners and the Xi6 does not but... THIS WAS WORKING FINE. How do I suddenly need new hardware?

also the rep at the xfinity store gave me the wrong box after asking for the "xg1 standard". He gave me another XiD-P, which just left me with 3 non working STBs. I took it back and got the Xi6 back. Now it's even harder to trust that I need a new box... I remotes to just ask for a tech to come out.

help please!

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