Do Saved Movie Favorites count toward cloud storage limit?



Does anyone know for sure if saved movie favorites count toward limit on cloud storage? Trying to understand why DVR via TV is at 19% full, yet online via non-tv devices is showing 60% full. This troubleshooting started bc 3 times in the last 2 months we have had recorded shows disappear.

Troubleshooting steps so far have included cleaning out all old shows from saved priority list,

changing saved recordings from default of "delete when space needed" to "keep for 1 year"-unfortunately didn't stop some of the shows disappearing the 3rd time-dumped deleted folder, rebooted all boxes, refreshed all boxes, and sync...nothing worked.

No one can tell me how to access the cloud storage-what we can see on other devices are higher % of space used and actually FEWER saved recordings than we can see via TV.

Anyone know whether favorites count toward %used bc they are accessible via other devices? Anyone with a cloud access suggestion? Was sent a link "all about the cloud" but none relevant-except for repeating if storage too full-will start deleting saved recordings.

Posted issues of disappearing recordings in another thread--no one has an answer but many have this issue.

"Do Saved Movie Favorites count toward cloud storage limit?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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