Do you avidly watch this show


I liked watching the first season but after that I lost track of what is happening with all of the characters...this is a show that if you miss one episode you get lost very easily.


lol guess your brother had a small crush on her. :) Yeah i missed a few episodes and i wasn't able to get the track so i stopped watching the show and now got to rent a dvd or download it...


Personally I do not enjoy watching this show a great deal but my wife never misses an episode of Desperate Housewives. Her favorite character is the one performed by Eva Longoria.


Nope. We don't watch a lot of todays drama series. It has become way too much everything, when you have kids in the house. You would be amazed what they can pick up.


We have a store near our house which sells complete collections of nearly all US shows and my wife purchased all the Desperate Housewife seasons the other day. I think that I have lost control of the remote control LOL.


To be honest, I have never watched a single episode of Desperate Housewives. At first I thought it was a real prime time drama like Dallas or Melrose Place, and I don't like those. and because I don't like the genre, I didn't get into it even when I heard it's really a take-off on night-time soaps.


I have watched it from the beginning. The new season being 5 yrs later was a bit of a disappointment at the beginning, but they do some flashbacks to let us know what happened in those 5 yrs.
I have to say, I have lost interest in the show.
I will watch tonights episode and see how it ends up...but it's getting too long, a lot like "lost" they should of stopped that 3 years ago...


beelze~ you should have stuck with it. It is getting really good now. Edie is married to a guy who is pretending to be someone else. He is after Mike and Edie is going to figure it out. Someone dies in the next episode!


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my wife will watch this show every now and i will watch it for the eye candy:D
Being a Pig, I watched a few shows because I do have a crush on Marcia Cross, but to me it was boring as boring gets, despite the eye candy. Good thing I have my own TV when the wife watches.

TV really needs some new types of shows. Reminds me of FM radio by about 1980. In any given town there were three stations, regardless of how many were on the dial. Rock, Country, PBS. Later Religious also used the 88 to 92 MHz part, so then 4.

Now on TV we have
American Idol type shows.
Medical shows
Detective Shows
Soap Dramas
Cable News
Repeated Documentaries on Cable.

There typically only one good one in a category at best.

But it's the old old now broadcasting marketing scheme if a type of music or show works for them, don't innovate, copy them.

If Clones are illegal in the US, why aren't cloning TV shows? LOL :mad:)