Do you carry your portable game system with you?

I usually carry the psp with me. I can play it on the train on my way to work. Sometimes I become so consume in the game; if I don't watch it...I'll miss my stop.


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I don't have a PSP, but I do carry my Ipod with me everywhere, and I've got a few games on it. With it's wirless connection, I usually bum a free internet connection and check my email when I'm waiting in line somewhere. ;) It is distracting, especially to my girlfriend, she always wants me to put it down. lol
Depends on where I am...I mainly bring them with me only if I am going on super long car rides and or I am going on a plane. I usually don't let them leave my house...knowing me, I would loose it. LOL.


Psp is the best portable gaming console to date. It has better graphics than the ps1 and the DS. I do carry a PSP with me when i know it will be a long trip.
So, judging by your other threads, if Nintendo created it, it just doesn't compare. What the Wii and DS lack in graphics, more than make up for in creativity. You should try either one sometime, you might be surprised.
I always carry a PSP with me. I never get tired of playing RPG's and new games with it. Even it was criticized to hae poor graphics, none can match it with its fine games. Oh btw, look at GT and Tekken for it, it has great graphical prowess to match any portable gaming system.


We have a DSI that my kid usually carries around everywhere. The built in browser is pretty cool too. Of course it is not super fast but if you need to check e-mail or do some basic browsing while out, it does the job.


I used have a game on my phone but it was a time waster. I find that I spend enough time checking emails and facebook on the toilet already. TMI!!! No games!
The other issue with playing games on my phone is that it drains the battery life like you wouldn't believe. My phone has terrible battery life. I tend to use my tablet more for that and it has basically taken over for my PSP at the moment.


I've got an old, bruised NDS (phat version). I used to carry it with me... but then my brother broke the hinges and the whole thing fell apart. Then, my bro bought another NDS (it's more his than mine now) aaand, guess what.... broke the hinges! My dad managed to fix it somehow so that it still works, but the screens are stuck in the same position now, they're kind of like 2DS, and the DS can't be closed. So it's nearly impossible to transport now... I play on my smartphone, sometimes, but I can't do that too much because the battery is gone in a jiffy.


If I had a good one, I probably would. Then again, I'm very self-conscious of who would be watching me. That's why I play phone games as well, and it does in fact kill my battery. Still, I can get in a good hour and a half of playing, and if I'm playing more than that by the time I get back home, then well... I probably should be stopping anyway.