Do You Do VUDU?


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Do You Do Vudu? Or any of the UltraViolet streaming services?

What do you think of it?

Personally, I feel ripped off when I buy a DVD or Blu-ray with a "Digital copy" that's really just access to a video stream on the Ultraviolet streaming service. I don't have an internet service that works driving down the highway, and I'm not about to get it just so the kids can watch something on a trip. What happens if I can't connect to the internet? If you can only view it online, you don't really own it, do you? And what happens when Ultraviolet goes out of business? When Sony or Disney doesn't want to play with the other kids anymore, and "takes their ball and goes home"?

I also don't like that I have to sign up with multiple retailers - VUDU, M go, Target Tix, etc - in addition to Ultraviolet to watch the video online.

I also wonder how many of those "Digital copy" codes go unredeemed - any guesses? I can't find that info online, I'm sure they don't want to share that information!

That said, I do use the service. I bought the movies, they came with a code - I may as well use it. When i do have access to the internet it works pretty well but their rentals and sale prices are way overpriced. Why would I pay $4.99 to stream a movie for 24 hours when I can rent from the Redbox down the street for a buck and change? I may have to wait a week or more to watch it, but who cares? The price to "Buy" a movie is only a few dollars less than buying a physical copy - and those sometimes come with the code for the Ultraviolet copy, so why not buy something you can actually own instead?

I've also had friends and family give me their ultraviolet codes if they aren't going to use them. Why not? The code is just going to be wasted otherwise.

Whats your opinion?

Here's links to the services that use Ultraviolet: