Do you find The Weather entertaining? Newsworthy?


I've noticed for some years now that weather has become drama and entertainment. Doppler, Hd Doppler, now Twin Doppler in HD. You know-twice the Doppler is better. I can tell because the graphic shows two radar sweeps for more accurate tracking of rain droplets...especially those not hitting the ground. Those are especially important to keep track of...those drop that will never reach us.

I crunge whenever I see a weather-talker bending down to show me that the snow has reached a whopping 2 inches. With serious face he/she says "If you don't have to go out...STAY INDOORS!" But just beyond the reporter one can see the street. Perfectly clear of snow and with the latest all-weather traction control and tire technology...go whizzing by. But be warned! Those two inches of crystalized-Satan are DAIN-JER-IS! Sure to check in with us every ten minutes to stay informed and safe.


Broadcast Engineering magazine recently reported on the popularity of the Mobil Weather Lab. It is a TV/Weather production studio within a vehicle.

"These days, local news stations are doing anything they can to attract viewers and improve ratings. Most recently, the severe weather in different parts of the country has helped keep viewers glued to their TVs, so broadcasters are providing live coverage like never before. For local stations, it has meant getting as close to the “action” as possible with “mobile weather lab” vehicles. And there’s an added bonus; these converted SUVs — which make use of the latest KA/KU satellite and cellular transmission technology — are a great promotional tool and as such are being featured prominently on-air during a storm.

These are not your soccer-mom-type vehicles. They typically include limited high-definition production capabilities as well as National Weather Service radar images, wireless Internet access, GPS navigation and Skype capability. LED crawls on the top of the SUV can display up to the minute the weather (and station) information."

Integrated Microwave Technologies (Hackettstown, NJ), builds weather vans. In the past 18 months, IMT has delivered more than a dozen weather vehicles for TV stations across the country, including CBS network in New York (WCBS), Philadelphia (KYW) and San Francisco (KPIX).

My question this just nothing more than entertainment? Are these vehicles simply used to attract viewers? Do we need storm chasers for that couple inches of snow or that 20 mpg breeze?


Do You Find The Weather Entertaining? Newsworthy?

Well, it is certainly more interesting to me than sports! My wife and I both watch some local broadcast news everyday. When I get up in the morning, I usual listen to a few minutes to hear the highlights of what is going on. When it comes to weather, my wife is adamant about focusing on the content. She wants to know if and when it will rain or snow, how much, etc. Me, on the other hand, I will sort of "cut to the chase". I will get a synopsis and decide "coat or no coat". Or, this time of the year, "jacket or heavier jacket."

I will think about specific tasks I want to do and plan accordingly. For example, if there is freezing rain, etc., I need to leave for work earlier. Or, since I have horses and they drink water out of a stock tank, I will plan which day to drag hoses in the winter to top off the stock tank. If it is, like today, up to 30 degrees, that is a MUCH better day to drag hoses than -20 degrees!


Ah...when you have livestock the weather has greater meaning. As you mentioned-freezing weather and animal water. My friends keeps racing birds and has to weather the weather (get it?) to feed and water the birds. I do sometimes use the animated maps that show the future track of a storm. I am referring to a weather app. I get outside and do something before the rain really lets loose.


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I like watching The Weather Channel sometimes. I wouldn't call myself a weather guru or fanatic but when there is a nasty weather pattern, it does become the news. The fancy gadgets still don't always get it right. Not long ago, I recall our fancy weather-gadget equipped station making a forecast that didn't pan out at all. The meteorologist just shrugged the next day and says sometimes that's the way it goes.


I have the Weather Channel app on my phone. My wife says..."You can't trust that thing" then the next day.."Whats' the weather on your phone." She is right sometimes...the storm predictions can change every few hours. I don't mean big storms...just the showers, sunny, cloudy predictions.


I'll watch news reporting on the weather when it's unusual or of interest to me. I live in the mountains so weather can impact my life enough to change my plans. When I lived in Oklahoma, you'd better believe was glued to the TV when there were tornadoes around! Now I'm more interested in snow and below zero temps.