Do you get distracted on the road?


I have at least three kids with me most of the time, while I am driving. I can pretty much juggle their questions and scuffles without it affecting my driving. I have seen parents turn around in their seat while driving to swat at a kid. It's funny and I guess kinda sad too, but I saw a woman the other day driving while talking on the phone and smoking a cigarette. She must have been driving with her knees.

Now of course, these just aren't good driving habits. But, I have found myself so deep in thought at times, that a car might surprise me by stopping in the middle of the road. Do you get distracted on the road? Or have you seen some unusual driving techniques?

Jason Fritz

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lol, I've seen a woman turn around and swat at a child before too.

I try my best to rid myself of distractions while on the road, I even bought a bluetooth handsfree ear piece so I don't have to hang on to my phone wile driving.

Which reminds me of this picture, I hope I don't look like this!

hehehe, is it me, or does it look like she's about do stick him in the ear with her fork!


That is hilarious. I have seen those ear phones before and wondered about them. Do you automatically hear every call coming thru? Or do you have to tap your ear to accept a call? Do they hear you in a normal voice answering the call or do you have to talk loudly? I guess I basically want to know how they work. Lol.


Tongs and hands free are quite common with mobile users these days. I think even they are debarred when you are driving. Though you don't have to use hands and all but it is a kind of distraction.I avoid any kind of distraction while driving as one not only risks own life but also endangers others'.


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I have been guilty of being so deep in thought, that I didn't notice the car in front of me decided to stop. So I have had some close calls, but thankfully not too close.


yes i do. i only get distracted if my mobile phone will ring. i can not avoid to answer it because some of my calls are very important and urgent so i easily get distracted by it.


I am also a deep thinker, unless I am in the middle of traffic. On slow days and if there are no kids in the car or I manage to block them out, I can get lost in thought. But if I am driving in traffic, I have to drive offensively in order to keep from getting ran over. Some days it seems other drivers have the kill or be killed attitude on the interstate. I'm not sure they really understand what is at stake. One angry or careless driver can kill a lot of people in a matter of minutes.


many times it happened for me because of mobile calls.even though they put rules that "dont use cell phones during driving",we can't avoid the calls.


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Lol where'd you get that photograph by the way?

Anyways, yeah I get distracted on the road sometimes, but I'm only 20 so I don't have kids or anything that distract me. I usually distract my self with like cellphones and books and such (wait, not books O.O). I've never crashed a car in my life though, so I don't have to worry about that. I try to stay away from distractions when I'm driving.


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That picture looks pretty funny lol, and after a few minutes of looking at it, I finally get it ^^

Ok anyways, I guess I don't get distracted by my kids in the car too much, I just try to tell them a quick yes/no answer, and if it's a question that requires some thinking, I try to ignore it and then get back to them when there's a traffic light or something.


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Well yeah, there's some people out there that can "juggle" some questions and answer them without crashing, then there's those people that can't, and I think I'm probably one of them. I simply can't think and drive (I can't multi-task?!) at the same time, and it's quite sad. I just say "later" when I hear a word coming out of my daughter's mouth, and she probably knows it's for her own sake ^^