Do you get your news from TV or from the Internet?


Given the explosion of popularity for Internet browsing and searches, it's not surprising that newspapers all over the U.S. are losing readers and (therefore) losing revenue as ad dollars dry up and subscription rates go down. Likewise, local TV stations are reporting lower ratings and cutting back on news staff and reducing salaries (by 11.5% in most cases) due to lower viewership ratings, again because Internet news sites and blogs tend to be more in vogue.

How do you tend to gather your news these days? Do you still watch news broadcasts, or do you get your fix of news from the Web?


hehe, I can't stand the local news. Don't mind MSNBC or CNN, but I get most of my news from RSS feeds on the computer.


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Cable news is a vast wasteland of prejudice divisive dogma, so I avoid it.
I mostly watch PBS to find out what is going on. Plus I will sometimes listen to the OTA national news just to get an overview of what they found important.

Local TV news makes me crazy. I worked in a TV station and I know what they do. They are one step below the National Inquirer


I'm one of those people who would put her/his money on the internet. The internet provides me with specific news that interests me.

Todays generation is so plugged in that getting the daiy news from the internet is a natural course of action.


The vast majority of my news is obtained online now.

Other than severe weather warnings that can be of importance, local TV news is awful. There's little real news on there, and if there is, they usually get it wrong. Most of it seems to be promos about what's coming up later. The news on PBS is pretty good. Much more in depth.

I notice the thread title didn't even mention radio. Of course, it's worse than TV news.


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I notice the thread title didn't even mention radio. Of course, it's worse than TV news.
Good point. Radio news is compressed into 1 minute, 2 maybe. Vastly abbreviated highlights are the best you can get on the radio. However after the hurricanes of 2004, the radio was a really good source for finding FEMA supplies, water and ice. They were more local than the TV channels, but then I didn't have my OTA setup running and was watching Orlando TV, which is better for weather.


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I have my regular dose of news every morning through the Internet. I seldom watch TV these days. I even stopped buying DVDs and just watch movies online.


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I do a combination of both. I'm not a big news watcher, but I do get the top stories as a rule and then I get email alerts for certain things, so I'm on top of whatever I really need to know.
I like being able to find the old shows like The Twilight Zone on the Internet. But at the same time, there are a handful of shows on tv that I like to follow so I like to watch both.