Do you have friends online?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Do you have friends online? Many people always say how only "losers" have friends online, however I strongly disagree with that misconception. I'm pretty sure many of you guys in this forum have online friends as well, what do you guys think? Of course real life friends are better (most of the times), but what if you meet your online friends in real life as well? :D


DTVUSA Jr. Member
To answer your question, yes and no.

Currently I don't play any games or anything, so yeah I don't have any friends online.. but I did use to play this childish game called MapleStory, where I had about 50 friends in my buddy list that I usually liked to talk to.. I mean online friends are online friends, and that's the way they should stay.. I can't really group them into some other category, real life friends are better.


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Yeah I have some friends on this online mmorpg game I used to play 5 years ago.. and I've played this other game called Trickster and I had a few friends there as I was level 159.. so you can't really live in games without online friends. And I have to say this though:

Real life friends > online friends