Do you limit screen time for your kids?


We had to limit game time for our young kids when we first got Nintendo systems. As they got older and hung out more it was not a problem. Computers became more of a problem in the Myspace and early IM days. They would spend hours saying nothing to friends in the evenings. I am skeptical of some this one below.

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I don't have children yet but I have a brother and when my mom got herself a tablet, it was a disaster. He would sit the whole day in his room playing Angry Birds, filling the remaining hours with tv. It was like that for the first week or two, of course, then everyone thought of rules for him and now he only has one hour of tablet per day. But you just have to put limits on your child, only an extraordinary one would be responsible and do what's best for them. Parents have to take a stand. I'm not saying prohibit but limit.
My son is 8 months old right now. So he watches a lot of Tv and it keeps him quite at times. But when he gets around 2 years old I will definitely start limited TV to have him play educational games or pay more attention to education rather then straight TV,cartoons. unless the cartoons are education


I've got a small daugther, she's eight now. I guess I do limit her screen time, no matter which screen we're talking about. I know there are many educational games and programs and I know, too, that everyone needs their share of mindless fun once in a while... We're just trying to balance it all, providing her with other activities, reading, playing with us&friends etc.
I should, but I don't regularly enough. What is surprising is that my son's tutor is trained to use an iPad to complement teaching him...
now I remember reading somewhere about a movement by the Silicon Valley types to not allow their kids to use a computer what-so-ever...I can't remember where I read it though. Does anyone else remember this? I'll have to hunt around for it...
No children here either yet just nieces and nephews on holidays but My sister has 4 under the age of 10 so she has to monitor there ipad and computer and xbox n wii time. yeah crazy how they have so much I think.. but I am just Aunt lol she is an army wife based in seoul korea planning to move back to united states soon.
My 3 year old has to earn screen time with good behavior or completing chores. To be clear, by "chores" I mean making her bed, putting her clothes in the hamper, picking up her toys, etc. You'd be surprised at the completely horrified responses I get when I tell people my toddler does chores. She's not cooking dinner and chopping firewood, for pete's sake. Rant over, ha. She generally does "earn" her time every day, up to around an hour, and we try to balance just for fun tv with learning shows or games. I want her to be smart but I don't want her to be boring, you know? I was so proud when she selected Pokemon on Netflix the other day. She also prefers the original two seasons of Scooby Doo to that new crap they've made. Atta girl.
I can relate to this subject because all three of my children seem to become addicted to the screen when they are either on their tablets or the computer. My 11 year old will spend countless hours watching Youtube when he is supposed to be in bed. It had even got to the point where he would sneak into my bedroom to get my laptop while I slept. The two younger ones wouldn't go outside when they first got their tablets because all they wanted to do was be on them. I don't think it is a good thing for children to be this engrossed in games and videos like they are. I now password protect my laptop and I've taken the tablets. Now the children have no choice but to go outside for entertainment. I may gradually let them have game time again but on a very limited basis.