Do you own a Plasma, LCD, CRT, Projection television?

Do you own a Plasma, LCD, CRT, Projection television?

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Self can vote for more than one. Please give details in the body of your post response.

Note: Projection includes rear projection/projector or front projection/projector, crt, lcd, and dlp engine.

I own 2 LCDs, both 42" Vizios and a Optoma H31 480p 16:9 DLP Front Projector.

Id like to sell the older Vizio and get a Panasonic Professional Plasma in 50" 720p or 1080p or Vizio 505 Plasma with a Panasonic 1080p panel and Reon HQV processing.

Or maybe a 32" Plasma, Vizio/Insignia.
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My primary is a nice 50" projection but it's dying now. I need it to hang in there for a while longer though until I can afford to replace it, and that's gonna be a while. My sister purchased a 32" LCD for me over the summer which is the secondary TV. I love it, but it is weird watching what I perceive to be a rectangular view. Everyone looks so broad.
Old CRTs for me now and forever. i don't think i can afford a new LCD/Plasma and i heard they don't live for 20 years, and call me old fashioned, but i buy stuff with no intention of replacing it. i don't believe in 'product lifecycles'


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I actually agree with you. I don't have the finances to buy a new TV every 5 years or whatever it is. Why do you think I'm on an ancient computer using Win98? I love my big screen, but it is dying, unfortunately. I have that blue outline stuff and 2 of the extra inputs don't work properly with the volume, making them unusable for the most part.
not anymore. :D

I wish i could figure out how to install Windows 98 on my Acer Aspire One netbook. i mean XP can be tweaked to act as if it still were Win98 (with a lot of registry hacks, which i have done) but i'd rather have the real deal. i think the furthest i could go back and still have drivers for Video, sound, and the multi-in-one card reader is Win2K, which is just XP without the extras, and exactly what it acts like now.

I only upgrade when i choose too when i desire the features and that's why i was against the mandated DTV transition (and i still lament the 2008 end of analog cellular-- a FAR SUPERIOR system IMO and the phones were tons more rugged and couldn't be broken) but i do like DTV itself. just not forced upon us.

I only wish that there was some sort of a converter for analog cell phones. they were great phones that could be dropped, frozen, beat on, smashed and got signal everywhere you went. if i could figure it out, and since the AMPS mobile phone is merely an advanced FM transceiver operating in the 900MHz bands, i could probably use one or two as a two-way radio but i don't know how yet.

Orry, the blue outline is misaligned convergence. it's adjustable if you like getting inside TVs. i myself hate repairing TVs for good reason (the high voltage can kill) but sometimes i'm forced to. the vertical sync in my Curtis Mathes console had to be resoldered because it kept going to a flat horizontal line but it works now)

I hate seeing this society getting wasteful. i am all for 'going green' but tossing tech out every year or so is worse than the extra coal needed to power an older appliance for it's much longer lifetime.

--and, a plasma/LCD TV contains much more mercury than a CFL bulb. much more than a linear fluorescent tube. and how many people you suppose would go the extra length to properly recycle dead tech? i don't like anyone butting into our lives, even if it is Uncle Sam.
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Once upon a time, they looked at it, and the blue thing couldn't be fixed. I think in part it's a part deal. They don't make anything for this TV anymore. Honestly, I don't recall the specifics anymore. I'm just hoping it lasts a little while longer! ;}
Repair shops, especially today in digital world, will try and tell you that in order to boost sales of newer TVs. they don't even give any time for those still using a VCR either. I can fix a VCR easy. a little alcohol and a rag and those old rubber idler tires are fixed (and that fixes the rewind too)

Convergence is very complicated. there's tabs on the flyback yoke that adjusts it but it takes a lot of skill or you get double-ghosts or something.

If it's a projection TV, what normally happens at the end of life of either one of the three separate picture tubes (red/green/blue) is that they dry out and you get really 'foggy' pictures or a picture only useable in the very center. that's not economical to fix.


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That's it! That's what broken -- that blue thing. I didn't have it repaired or looked at by a place that sells new TV's for me. They actually did some repairs at the time. It was too their advantage to try and fix it, financially, but they couldn't get the replacement light or whatever it is -- the blue thing. They don't make it anymore. It's lasted a very long time, just with the blue thing. The second input has only just gone wonky this year. It's frustrating because I can't record on the VCR anymore. Well, I can, but the volume doesn't work.


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I think this poll is representative of how Plasma is getting killed by LCD in flat panel sales. Id like to get a Plasma before they are consigned to the dustbin of electronic history.


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In the grand scheme of things, I could have bought a plasma for not a whole lot more than the Dynex LCD I ended up with, but to be truthful, I couldn't see much difference in the picture quality. Still think I got the better TV, too.

I've still got three really decent CRT sets -- my 10 year old Sony 27" in our bedroom (which served many faithful years as our living room set), same age Orion 19" in the living area of JDTVB Mobile Command (our RV), and the 16-year-old 13" Philco that I got for $5 at a thrift shop. It fills in wherever I need it, and when we travel, it goes along and is used in MC's bedroom.
Three CRTs in use, a few others in the shed:

1. Curtis Mathes 25" console TV (1986, got it for $5 at flea market, only problem was bad vertical sync ICs that just needed a little resoldering, noisy high voltage transformer until it warms up but crisp, sharp picture)

2. General Electric 20" wood-grain TV set, (1985, using it inside a home-built multiplex console to mimic the three-ways of the late 1960s. instead of a phono/stereo/8-track it's got a VCR/DVD/HD Tuner) This TV hates any humidity beyond ~ 60% and shorts high voltage arc to ground and that shuts it down. cannot use it when the humidity is high. other than that works fine. could be a little more sharp but the pixels in it are very large and doesn't render a perfect digital picture like the Zenith (below)

3. Zenith System 3 20" w/ Color Sentry (i think very early 80's since it's before the stylized 'Z' logo, but with matching VCR too. the best picture of the three)

4. GE 'Performance Television' (Black and White 13" TV with mechanical analog tuners, great spare--still works but the pots for the bright/contrast are very finicky)

5. Magnavox 19" TV w/ chromatic 'eye' (a holdover from the auto color eye from the TouchTune Star Systems, made in 1991, and still stated 'Made in USA' on back, which is why i bought it as a spare should one of the others go out)

6. RCA XL-100 'ChannelLock Remote' (1979, uses a piezo-electric remote, which doesn't exist today and isn't with the TV, the TV's high voltage didn't like the humidity that came with the monsoon and temporarily shorted. still works i think but unreliable)


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Oops, I forgot my CRT today. That's the old standard TV, right? I still have in great working order my original TV from, geez, the early 80's I guess.

I was also going to say that I think the plasma vote would be higher except that the problems with LCDs have been essentially fixed over the last couple of years.
CRT = Cathode Ray Tube. that was any TV with a 'picture tube'. Projection TVs were big screen TVs with three picture tubes, one for each color, fluid-cooled, and mirrors which refracted the picture into a solid larger picture with colors combined.

While they lasted longer than LCDs, Projection TVs were very prone to a multitude of problems, especially at the end of life from one or more of the three separate picture tubes. funny the thrift stores sell them for $350 even with the picture unusable or very horrific. Projection TVs also had horrific viewing angles; you had to be dead-center behind the set. looking at it from 45 degrees, or so, was like staring at a laptop screen. no Superbowl parties there.
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In my case, it wasn't that I didn't like plasma, but that I couldn't justify spending the extra dough for something that wasn't that much better than LCD. That was my opinion at the time and remains so today.

If and when the time comes that I have to replace the 19" Orion CRT in Mobile Command, I'm going with a similarly-sized LCD. Fellow RVers with plasma sets have had more problems than I want to deal with, largely due to the vibration that TVs of all kinds are subject to in RVs.


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I need to update my votes than to include a CRT since I still have that one.

I actually love my projection screen and I watch it successfully from all kinds of angles. Though it's dying, I love its picture ratio. The one thing I don't like about the new LCD 32" is that everyone looks so ... thick. It's disproportionate or something. I love the colors and everything, but every time I turn it on, I'm keenly aware of how 'off' people look, size wise. It's because of the rectangular shape, I've surmised, though I don't really know -- I just know that's how it is.

Re: Plasma, I'd never get one because I watch TV all the time, and I'd read that they will die quicker with prolonged use.
LCD is worse with glare and the black levels stink even today.

I never liked the idea of a 'flat TV' to me any item hung on a wall should be left to picture frames and wall art. not TVs. call me old-fashioned. my place is like from the 1970s with the older TV consoles and 'flip clocks' among other older appliances. i think they're neat myself.

And not any LCD has built-in surround worth a crap. i mean you have to buy an expensive audio system for anything close to a theatre effect as all LCDs stink at bass and speakers distort. 'flat' speakers cannot even today match the awesome six-speaker per-side that the old 1960s Multiplexes had back in their day, where the stereo, TV, and record player used. those could vibrate walls and not blow out. plus no extra equipment required. now if i could only find one that's still functional.


Crt and lcd

i voted for two types. I have a 7 year old Samsung 32 inch wide screen (16X9) CRT Monitor. It has an analog tuner, along with Y/PB/PR HD inputs, and DVI on the rear. I just bought a 19" LCD, and there is no comparison between the color resolution on the LCD versus the CRT.

The CRT absolutely blows away the LCD display in color resolution. People just do not know what they are missing as far as color display between the two types. Plasma would most likely match the color resolution issue, but plasma is falling out of favor with most Videophiles in favor of LED displays., which are very close to the CRT in color resolution.

No one really knows the life span of LED TV's, but I am NEVER an early adopter of new technology. I like to see others waste their money on unproven technology before I purchase it myself.