Do you think Family Guy is boring?

I can watch pretty much any episode of Family Guy, and it's easy to see how some people could consider it formulatic, with it's constant Pop culture, sight gags and celebrity references, and really not much in the way of any quality writing. Family Guy is still a very popular show, but I just have to wonder how long it will take for others to get bored of the show as well.


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Family Guy has its hits and misses. There were some episodes last season that were just awful.

Cleveland has just been awful. I like Cleveland as a character, but the show is just bad.

American Dad is and remains quite good. I simply love American Dad these days.

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Basically the way I see it is this: For the first few seasons of Family Guy, I found the show to be fairly clever and unlike any other TV series before it. Then it was canceled and brought back again, and it honestly has never been the same since.


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I've been watching Family Guy for quite some time now. Some of its episode are not really fun but most of them made me laugh. I still watch this show because of Baby Stewey, I love babies :D


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I like Cleveland as a character, but the show is just bad.
Agreed. Hey, I gotta run, The new issue of "Grape Soda Monthly" is here!

(Quagmire should have gotten his own show. Giggety.)

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listen to old time radio, Mhhmhh.


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well family guy great for me. very funny. however there are some time that it does not provide me the comedy or the punch line are not "IN" to me. but still it is a great show to watch.
I thought it was really funny in the beginning, but slowly it's become the same ol' thing. I'll watch an episode and think, didn't they already do this one already?