Do you use your v-chip?


Personally, I don't for two reasons. First being I don't have kids, second being that there's really nothing on American TV that will traumatize them (Except Evangelion, but that's not on AS just now.)

I really don't see the point of it, so I simply don't bother. That, and I can make an honest days living by betting people that their kids know how to reset it.
If the V-Chip could take out those stupid 'Enzyte Bob' and 'Phone dating hotties' and other distasteful commercials due to graphic or adult themes (and why always at dinner time?! great way to lose weight i'm sure) i'd use it. but sadly from what i've tried it only blocks TV shows from ratings, and sadly, so far, commercials have yet to have ratings, even though some of them are definite candidates for them.

There are some ads on TV that are on kids channels or even during E/I programming that seem to be targeted at X-rated material rather than what is expected during that time. i do hope that in the future they get ratings for certain commercials, now i understand that people need to advertise, but when when your child is watching CyberChase the last thing he needs is Smilin' Bob's Male Enhancement ad up in his face.


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I have a DirecTV DVR R10 that I can't find a way to defeat it. You can unplug it, reset it, pull out the card and put it back in and it remembers. Then again that model stores everything on the hard drive.

I do have it set on both of my R10s because there is a lot of stuff my grandkids should not watch.

I have never tried it on my TVs or CECBs. But it could be a good rainy day project to see if I can break them.


You know, I do agree that ads should have ratings to them. Let's have a "Block commercials by rating" option on our V-chips and disallow -everything- because "We don't want our children to be exposed to anything that is sold on TV in case they want it!".

That's actually a good idea, why not ask the FCC to force v-chips to have such a feature?
The real issue with commercials is that sometimes they have mature themes and no way to keep little Billy from seeing K-Y Jelly ads.

I'm not advocating skipping commercials, but the ones with adult-themes should 1) not show at all during prime time or during E/I programming, or on kids networks, 2) not show at all, (ask your doctor, if you have a 'condition') or 3) have ratings so the V-chip can work to its full advantage.

Sometimes the commercials contain themes worse than the show they're watching. it's one thing to block bad TV shows, but commercials are unavoidable (unless you like turning off/on the TV, which makes the whole unsupervised idea behind the V-chip redundant) and the MUTE button doesn't do the job. plus you never know when one of those big ones will show.

If TV can be blocked, then so should commercials if they, too, are inappropriate. i don't see why commercials can get away with sleazy themes that TV shows cannot. perhaps they know that and love showing us disgusting images or dialog during dinner time.

I guess the real problem isn't the chip, it's the commercials. not long ago commercials for drugs, or 'fornicating' (sorry, only suitable synonym i can come up with) were so vague that it went above the heads of children or those that weren't the target demographic. today, however, this 'let it all hang out' attitude is doing the same injustice which drove parents to getting rid of Joe Camel ads. now Joe Cool seems tame in comparison.
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