Do you watch full length shows on YouTube? Favorite YouTube Channels?


I have found a few shows on youtube that I couldnt find anywhere else, like Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. Not bad if you full screen it but its sucky to watch while doing other things on your computer because they don't have the "lights off" feature.
Favorite YouTube Channels?


If by full length you mean half-hour or hour shows, there's not too many I have found on there.

I'm subscribed to a ton of channels on YouTube, but there are only a few I watch on a daily/weekly basis... right now those are shep689, lush, Chad Allen, GirlfriendsTV, Chris Pirillo, WOWpresents.

A bunch of other things I watch on YouTube only have shows a few weeks a year, or they only make occasional videos, or I just tend to watch a bunch in a row and then not watch it for weeks/months on end. Or I'll watch it if it piques my interest as I scroll through my subscriptions.