Do you watch more Cable or Network TV?

Almost everyone has Cable or in some cases Satellite TV, right?

Now what I was just wondering is if you feel that you watch more of Cable Television channels, or Network channels on average?

I generally watch a lot more of Cable channels, unless I am tuning in for the local news or something else like that.


I have satellite and do watch a lot of network stuff if you want to include History channel, National Geo, HGTV as network or do you consider these as network shows. Also, lot of Nature and Nova on public TV.
I don't think I could ever do completely without Cable TV, but at the same time I could not do completely without local channels or Network channels either. All of them serve a purpose for me, and help provide a lot of variety in viewing options.


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Maybe we should have started with the definitions. I actually think of local just as the big 3 networks, little 3 networks, pbs, and those basic over the air channels. Everything else I classify as cable and that's what my answer was based on.

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I just went through my list of series on my dvr and out of 56 series (a few of which are not currently being broadcast) some 13 are non-network .

So I guess my answer is that I watch more network.That's one reason I'm muddling along since Comcast went digital. I can still record a lot of what I like so far (knock on wood!) on my ancient Panasonc dvr.

I figured I'd be in the minority, so I'd better chime in to make the stats look good :).

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Per your question, Network Television VS cable or satellite (no cable or sat here) but we receive OTA Network TV in full glorious non-compressed true HD and SD sub-channels!

Did I mention its FREE to receive?