Do you watch more Internet TV or Regular TV?

Because I don't have a Television in my room, I have found myself turning to internet television more and more over the past few years, as a means of keeping up with my favorite shows when I am busy doing other things, and can't go to another room to watch TV. How about yourselves?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I watch 99% Internet TV and 1% regular (Over-the-air) TV.

A year ago, I gave up my cable subscription to see if I could do without it. It seems to be working pretty well so far. I watch almost everything over Hulu, YouTube, and iTunes, and Netflix Instant Watch.
I really don't know if I could do completely without Cable TV, but there certainly are a lot of good shows that you can now watch on Internet Television. Unfortunately there are still plenty of shows which are not available to watch Online, and that's where Cable TV retains it's usefulness.


Well its obvious that in this busy life everyone needs something for good recreation or relaxation, but as there is no time to watch tv sitting at home, we are moving towards internet TV. There are many options for having a good service for Internet TV. Recently a new website has launched with great features, & i wish to share it with you. Its
Well, I may check that site out when I have a moment or 2 then!

As it currently stands though, Hulu is probably just about the best Internet Television service that I know of, although their selection is still fairly limited in certain respects.