Does a Sony HDTV make the ps3 or ps4 any better?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
No, as long as the specs are the same, your gaming systems will look the same on a Sony as they do with a different brand TV. Sony does not have any proprietary technology that will allow their systems to perform better on their TV's. Just look for the TV's that have the best specs, and chose a "Gaming" picture setting for the input that you play your games on and you should have the same picture quality that you would on any Sony TV.


I don't think the brand matters in any way, what could they do to make it do? It's more about specifications etc., they wouldn't sabotage other brands
I notice people tend to want to buy all their electronics of the same brand which is fine if it is a brand you like. It seems some people feel that they have to do it that way, like an HP computer and an HP printer. Brand doesn't matter in terms of compatibility. Sony HDTV wouldn't make any difference.