Does a VCR W/ DVDRW burner need a converter?


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My question is if I have a vcr or dvd rw and it has a digital tuner with astc do I still need a converter box? Can’t I just use the tuner of the vcr or dvd rw and It will convert my tv from analog to digital. my understanding is that the converter box is the same as a vcr, dvd,satalite box or cable box. can you please try and explaine the difference maybe im wrong.
Thank you


The converter box is just an ATSC tuner.

I don't know of any VCRs or DVD-recorders with ATSC tuners, but I'm sure some of the latter exist. However, that wouldn't "convert [your] television from analog to digital". Rather, having an ATSC tuner just means that the DVD-recorder can receive digital broadcasts. Then, you can watch on your television whatever the DVD-recorder chooses to put out. Essentially, it depends on the DVD-recorder, but most likely you can watch on your television what the DVD-recorder is or would be recording.
if you have an analog TV and a DVD recorder that is digital ready, you can use that with some DVD-RWs and kinda use it like a Tivo. or a DVR. record what you like and skim past ads!

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