Does anyone here listen to talk radio on the web -streaming radio?


Sure, I listen to streaming music. But have you ever listened to talk radio on line? The clarity and tonal qualities are amazing compared to AM radio. People's voices are actually sound different to me. I listen to AM in my truck...which has a great upgraded JBL system. But even with that the AM quality is blown away by the streaming audio.

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Yes, I have listened to streaming talk radio and the audio quality is far superior to analog AM radio, but I think it is equal to digital AM radio audio quality. I hope more AM stations adopt digital.

Yup, I listen to AM talk radio almost daily. Quality is always perfect on the internet, but I don't mind background noise that much on a regular radio. I don't have any trouble distinguishing voices. Now, my brother hates any buzz and demands I change the channel immediately. This leads me to speculate that people vary in their ability to filter out unwanted noise, just as tuners vary in their ability to filter out noise in an RF signal.