Does anyone remember Netflix Quickster?


Remember back in 2011 when Netflix was going to separate discs from streaming subscriptions? Step back in time...

Oct 24, 2011 by Erick Schonfeld
Netflix announced disappointing earnings today, and its expectations to go slide into unprofitability next year. The stock is trading at around $87 in after-hours, down from a close of $120. Following the blowback from his price change, CEO Reed Hastings says, “The focus for us is in rebuilding our reputation.”

Asked a question about the attempt to separate the DVD business from the streaming business and create a new in a new Qwikster brand (a plan now abandoned), Hastings admits now: “In hindsight, it is hard to justify. Having separate brands can in theory make sense. However after the price increase, Qwikster became the symbol of Netflix not listening.”


I remember them talking about Qwikster, but I don't think they ever implemented it. That was when I stopped getting their streaming service because I wasn't going to pay twice for what I'd been getting before. Now I use their mail service because I prefer to watch new movies at home rather than put up with the cinema. Besides, films have gotten so long in recent years! Some of us want to use the bathroom.