Does Directv restart your contract if...


Does anyone know if Direct TV restarts your contract term if you want to add a pre-owned receiver to your account? By just requesting an access card and providing your own receiver will they restart the 2 year term period again?


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I can't be sure, but I know BOTH dish and dtv are famous for signing you up for an additional 2 years on the slightest change or upgrade in your services - without your permission. Call and ask them, get it confirmed... record the conversation if possible.

Just don't trust them.
If it is a Pre-Owned receiver that was not yours originally, then yes. They will send you an updated Access Card. But if it is a receiver that you had on your account and took off and now want to reactive, then no...


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The best way to find out them and ask.
Even that is a hit or miss it seems. Many times the CSR doesn't know either. They only find out when they punch it into the computer, then oops too late.

In the past, I've heard of them doing exactly that though - any equipment at all added to your account automatically resets your contract. Don't know if anything has been done to fix that particular problem.


I had a coworker who had a problem with being told that it would be okay, but then having the contract renewed anyway. She was certainly not happy!



It is so unpredictable isn't it. There should be a law!

I sent DTV an email indicating my intent and asking if the contract would then be extended. They said NO! Then I called in and they said YES!

How can you run a business when your customers can't trust you?

Thanks everyone for your feedback.


Your best bet would be to contact a supervisor or write a letter to the corporate office directing it to the president. This tends to get the most accurate response. You probably won't get a response from the real president, but you should get an accurate response. Plus, if someone tries to tell you you're wrong then you can come back and say well when I wrote to the president, this is the response I received.

Here's their corporate info if you need it-
Michael White (formerly of Pepsi) is the president as of 2009.

2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tel. (310) 964-5000