does fox exist


i just hooked up my dtv converter and can get all channels but fox!!! im so agravateted, i have moved antenna all over house and no fox!!!! does fox have a dtv signal?????????????????????????
I'm in the same boat with CW (WAZE-TV)

We need more info (addresss, city, zip code) to get a accurate reason why your Fox affiliate is MIA. TVFool can help. TV Fool

Post the image you get when you put your info in. it will show a compass and map along with any stations available. helps to figure out the antenna necessary.
You probably need a outside antenna and a rotor.

Some people waited until the last minute to hook theirs up and now they are finding out that the salespeople in the Radio Shack lied to them when they told them that all they needed was rabbit ear antennas to watch television after the switch.

The station was probably moved into the UHF range and out of reach of your antenna.