Does HD cost more with Comcast?


Pricing structure varies from locality to locality. In most areas, there is no up-charge for reception of HD versions of the SD channels that are part of your digital programming package. In some areas, there are such charges, while in other areas, you have a choice of renting regulated low-cost CableCARD access devices for digital programming or renting HD-compatible cable boxes at a higher price - your choice - so effectively the extra cost is not for HD service, but rather for relying on the service provider to bridge the gap between the standardized cable television service and your incompatible equipment.

If you provide a zip code, I can provide you a more specific answer.


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To get HD channels, you have to have an HD box. Otherwise, the channels will show up on your list of channels, but you can't see them.


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it really does vary. It has changed here recently. You used to be charged for HD and for the box for each room you have it in. Now it is one HD charge for the entire house. You still have a set top box charge but it is the same whether it is HD or standard. I believe the HD charge with DVR is 15.95. The DVR is now part of the HD box. Without a DVR, it is a few bucks cheaper.