Does my car need a converter box?

Hey everyone,
My husband and I bought a 07 Chrysler Minivan with a DVD entertainment package that includes a screen in the back. Do we still need a converter box if the van is only 8 months old?




As far as I know Chrysler Corp installs a DVD only package that is just a disc player and monitor.

They also have an optional TV set that would normally be on a second screen. This would be for a few kids’ channels off of Sirius satellite and may require a subscription to view. It would probably have Disney and some cartoon channels available.

Anything is possible; it is highly unlikely that an automobile would have a TV that can get the local TV stations off of the air. It would be very likely in a recreation vehicle where you park for the night and be able to keep a station in range while you are stopped. You did not say, maybe you have a mini conversion camper of some type.

If you can get your local TV stations on any TV set, the traditional analog channels would be on channels 2 through 83. The digital channels would be sub channels with a dash in the number. This would be channel numbers like 11-1, 11-2, 46-1 or maybe 5-1 to name a few examples.

If a TV set only gets the traditional stations of 2 through 83 then the digital converter box would need to be added to it ahead of the TV set to get the digital stations.

Enjoy your new van.