Does the gov provide the name of the person who stole my coupon

I am the owner of the house, when I try to apply for the two coupons the govenment website told me that already recevided my coupons.

I think my renter in my house applied for the coupons, but he said he did not when I confronted him.

Please help me the following:
1) Try to email to the gov email address serval time to provide me with the name of the person who applied the household coupon, but have no response, is there anyother contact or phone number I can use.

2) Will the government provided me the individual applicant name.

3) Since I am the actual owner of the house and paying mortage, should I not recevided the coupons instead of the renter or relative without my consent

Jason Fritz

Staff member
1. Visit this post for options on contacting the governmnt:

2. Most likely not. In fact, most people (including myself) have had a tough time getting any response to email or by calling their hotline.

3. That sounds completely fair, but since your renter technically occupies the house, they probably have justification (in the eyes of the NTIA Government Coupon program) to order and receive the coupons.

Please be aware that I'm speaking only on the behalf of myself and not the coupon program.
Jay or anyone

I have already emailed and posted to the same link 5 times. Is there any other way that I can contact them.

The issue is both my renter and the living relative said that they did not apply any coupons using my household address. Since the govement website claim that someone has already applied. Should the govement website let the actaul owner of the household know who applied the coupon.

I want to know either the goverment made a mistake or am I living with an individual that are lying to me for $80 coupon.

I need to speak to any representive from the goverement website if possible. It a matter of mistake or trust isssue.