Does the Roku or Apple TV have a web browser?



I'm either going to buy a Roku or Apple TV this next month. It looks like the Roku doesn't have a web browser, is this true? From what I understand, if I used airplay with my iPad on the Apple TV, I would be able to browse the internet on my TV based on it mirroring my iPad? Any help would be great.


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Rumor has it that Roku is working with a third party to come up with a "Airplay" style app, but it doesn't currently have one. On the other hand Playon and Plex will allow you to stream selected content from the web using a networked PC. If you live in the Apple-verse you may want an Apple TV, but you can do a lot more with a Roku in my opinion.


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PlayOn has a "Playmark" feature, and Plex has "Plex it!"

Both allow you to browse to a video on the internet with your computer browser, mark it, and allow you to watch it on your Roku or other supported device. I've been using the Playmark feature, and it works quite well. It will even let me watch live streams I find on the web. The "Plex it!" button, well, not so good. It's picky about fprmats, doesn't do live streams very well if at all, and often tells me it can't find a video on the page. In fact, I'm not even sure the "Plex it!" button / feature even works anymore. Roku doesn't like PlayOn because it skirts some of Roku's "rules". Plex likes being an "official" Roku app, and PlayOn doesn't care anymore.

But, no, neither Plex or PlayOn will allow you to use your Roku as a web browser.