Dolby Digital Not Working XG2v2-S.



I have a Vizio sound bar and I can not select Dolby Digital as a sound option. I have the comcast box plugged into the HDMI IN of the soundbar and then I have HDMI (ARC) plugged into the HDMI (ARC) of the TV. The TV is a NU6900 Samsung. I know it is not the soundbar because I can play dolby through the PS4 and I can also get 4k and dolby from the sound bar if I watch netflix from the TV menu. I thought maybe my HDMI cables were bad / old so I replaced both of those and still did not solve the problem. I have tried both AUTO (dolby digital) and expert from the xfinity box settings with no luck. From the TV I can only select bitstream / PCM and both dolby options are greyed out. Any body have any suggestions?

"Dolby Digital Not Working XG2v2-S.," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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