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I've seen a lot of discussion over the time about the quality of Dolby vs. THX. I personally think THX has more spatial separation in its delivery in a surround sound setup, but that is just an opinion. What do you guys think?

Jason Fritz

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I dig THX because Goerge Lucas (Mr. Star Wars) helped create it. ;)

Anyone wanting to know about how a Dolby system, and a THX certified Dolby system work, here's a blurb from Dolby about THX:
To clarify a popular misconception, THX® is not a competing sound system to Dolby® sound; rather, it is a set of parameters for cinemas created by THX. Dolby and THX coexist in high-quality cinemas all over the world to bring you a sound experience that is exceptionally close to what the filmmaker intended.


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Dolby is good enough for me. I don't understand why some people want to pay a premium for what the home theater elite have deemed "quality sound". I've been to a few demos where it was 5.1 dolby verses THX 7.1..........and it doesn't sound so impressive that I'd spend 50% more....

Plus who wants to see 7 speakers hung around my 15'x10' living room. My apartment living room looks like radio shack anyway with all the crap I have hanging around. lol


All 5.1 is usually recorded in Dolby AC3. That is 448kbps 6 channel (5 sat +1 sub). THX is just a standart which gives the quality of sound. THX has some std rules for 5.1 if these are met then the sound quality is said to be at THX std. THX was George Lucas's first movie. So the name was given to the std because the 5.1 was first implemented by him, in his movie. 7.1 is a newer standard. Not supported by DVD yet. But most probably will be a part of HD.


Any time I have the choice I choose Dolby DTS over plain Dolby. I also notice that not many DVDs include the DTS any more.
What about THX? Come on, anything by George Lucas has to be good. ;)

Of all the equipment I've bought in the last decade, my best investment has been my Dolby THX certified Yamaha receiver. Picked it up like 3 years ago, don't even know the model #, but it's definitely not going to be replaced for a while.


I remember there was some industry buzz about THX. THX is a certification manufacturers PAY for so they can have THX on their products. Not saying it is a bad thing but it is quite possible to meet and exceed THX guidelines and NOT pay for the label. Some insiders were saying it is just a gimmick to make money. There is no secret sauce in things marked as THX.

Here is a link that is geared toward consumers.
THX Certification: Useful Standard or Useless Gimmick? - Tested
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