Don't know which is the better tv


I'm in the market for a new big screen tv. I've had a 61" RCA DLP for the past 5 years and for the last couple of years I kept having problems with the light engine. I had to have it replaced 4 times, luckily I had the extended warranty. I really liked the DLP but didn't like the problems. Does anyone know if this has been worked out or should I look into a LCD, plasma, or LED?


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I love my DLP projector. No problems so far, but I only use it for rental movies.

I have 2 LCDs

Vizio GV42L
Vizio GV42LF

Plasmas are nice too. Im fond of Panasonic, but Samsungs and LGs are good too.

It really depends on your viewing habits and the location of the TV and its environment when in use most that is the deciding factor.

Im partial to matte screen LCDs. The matte screen is good for daytime viewing or light compromised lamps on by the couch when viewing in the evening....or big windows in the room that the TV is to be used in. It significantly reduces distracting reflections, so you dont see a reflection of yourself and the lamp or of the room and the window while watching. LCD also has brighter whites then Plasma. Sharp (not all of them now), LG, and Vizio offer matte screens.

Plasma generally has superior image quality in light controlled environments, better for movies, fast motion. Blacker blacks and better shadow detail. But it has image retention and burn in problems. A little more to worry about and fuss over with Plasma. For instance video games with static information panels can burn in or image retent, like ESPN logos as well or News Channel scrolling bars, also SD material that goes unstretched can over time lead to problems with uneven plasma fade, and leave brighter images at the outsides of the 4:3 box.

In general LCD is a easier technology to live with.
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My tv is in the livingroom with the sliding glass door so I usually have to shut the blinds during football season, other then that light usually isn't an issue. Do LCD's have any issues as they get bigger in size?


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Other than the individual pixels get bigger like everthing else, no.

Im not up on LED lighting tech for LCDs, but the CCFL's (flourescent tubes) used for LCD illumination are a stable technology with a long history. And LCDs in use with Laptops for much longer than Plasma is a more time tested and mature technology. However Plasma is pretty mature these days as well.

With LCD you will likely be able to keep the blinds open during football season, unless you are getting direct sunlight on the screen. Especially MATTE screen LCDs. LCDs in general offer higher lumen capability than Plasmas....better for bright light or daytime viewing.
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Probably brighter (higher lumens) than DLPs in general as well.

And the flourescent (or LED) lighting doesnt get nearly as hot as the standard lamps in DLP though I think that Samsung put out some LED powered DLPs last year or this year.


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A friend of mine has a 1.5 year old DLP, and just recently replaced a bulb...don't know if they've improved that part of DLP technology yet either. Otherwise it's about $125 every 2 years or so depending on viewing hobbits, I mean habits. Sorry, just started watching Lord of the Rings. ;)


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I have 3 walls of windows East West and North facing on the North side of the building with no blinds or curtains and the GV42LF does fanstastic there, full daylight, lights, lamps, whatever. Aslo its back is to the West where direct sunlight enters in teh afternoon.


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Yeah, let us know how it works out. Stick around this forum is filled with people with experienced people who know what's what in Home Entertainment technology.


Good comment, Piggie.

If one uses OverTheAir antenna reception, there are tuners in some TVs that should simply be avoided. Certain Insignia brand models come to mind, but there are others, too.


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One more thing. Samsung and Sony and other manufacturers generally offer glossy or semi glossy screened LCDs.

Its all very technical about how these work to reduce black levels which punches up colors and other things. But the glossy screens give you reflections like plasma does. When its a problem its very annoying and seriously degrades the viewing enjoyment, killing any benefits you may gain with it.

Looking for Sharp matte screens is the way to go, IMO. They generally have better black levels than the LG and Vizio stuff (my 2 Vizios use LG panels).

Sharp also makes large screen LCDs in the 65" and 57" range, I well as 52". Vizio offers a popular 55" LCD that can be found at Costco, I believe, for pre purchase viewing, if nothing else. Though Costco is a good place to buy Vizios.

Good Luck!