door saleman disregarded "No Soliciting" sign - DirecTV

My husband is disabled with severe balance issues and prone to falling backwards. While I made a quick run to pick up his prescriptions he answered the door to one of your salesmen. I have a placard that is very visable on the door saying "no soliciting"! This young man called me on the phone while I was in the store using my husband's phone. I was very concerned about a stranger calling me on my husband's phone as I thought maybe it was emergency personnel responding to a 911 call. I chewed out this young man for continuing to ring our door bell even after noting the placard. I also told him that if my husband had fallen getting to the door or back to his chair I would have sued him and your company! We have had 2 hospitalizations in the past 10 months due to falls without him answering the door. Since he is a man he doesn't always use common sense and ignore the door; especially as he is quite visable in his chair. This young man told me his boss requires him to disregard no soliciting signs to make his sales; if that is true it is a really horrible business practice. I did tell him my phone number and that he could come back to visit with me later, but I cancelled the appointment as really did not want your product. His name was Adam and the number he used to call me regarding coming back to chat with me was 406-794-7390. He came to our house at 838 Anchor Ave; Billings, MT at 3:30 PM 10-4-2016. I can be reached via email at as want to know that your company values people's privacy within their homes and that you will make sure all your sales personnel honor the no soliciting signs when they are encountered.

Kyna Rickett